What is ChiliData?

ChiliData is a CRM with some spicy Artificial Intelligence!

ChiliData will help your business by offering a simple and intuitive platform for customer segmentation, data analysis as well as marketing, sales and customer service automation. 


ChiliData provides pre-defined templates for dynamic and self-learning segmentation. Our system will help you program and automate actions to build a better and profitable relationship with your customer.


With our platform, you will be able to merge multiple data inputs into a unique client profile. Our A.I. will automatically analyze all your raw data to profile and find buying patterns that will boost the effectiveness of your marketing and sales strategy.

ChiliData is the low-cost Machine Learning platform for small businesses

Main Features

Some of our core features.

One-stop Platform

Merge all your data streams and execute all your sales and marketing campaigns in a single platform.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Our A.I. will help you detect patterns and hidden trends that will allow you to take better and smarter decisions. 

Extreme Automation

Boost automatic workflows so that your time can be spent where is needed.

Look like a pro

Create smart marketing campaigns with a professional look with a few clicks.


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Extended Features

Real Time Stats

Manage all your sales stats and graphs from our advanced dashboard. Schedule or trigger alerts using the KPIs in your dashboard.

Automate your comunication

Keep your churn rate low by building a relationship with your clients with automatic welcome messages, satisfaction surveys, birthday greetings, deals or other automatic messages.

A.I. for customer profiling

Use our A.I. to automatically profile your clients using their history and psychographics patterns. Our engine will provide you with the metadata you need to plan a marketing and sales strategy.

Client Profile

ChiliData will provide you with a large set of KPIs for each customer, such as average sale ticket, shopping frequency, satisfaction (NPS), preferred point of purchase (POP), client profile quality and preferred client status among other things.

Social Networks

Improve and increase your data collection efficiency by using or custom social network gateway.


A.I. for products

Our machine learning automates your product tagging process. Your product photos will be analyzed using our visual recognition engine, each image will be tagged with the product category, color, pattern, etc. Our A.I. engine improves with each tagging cycle, it gets smarter every time you use it.


Marketing Campaigns

Build detailed cross-sell and up-sell campaigns engineered by information stored in your app.

Data integration

Tap your potential no matter what. ChiliData offers several ways for you to integrate information: drag and drop into our Cloud Storage, a Zapier connector, Pentaho connector or our own API.

Chat Bot

Use our exclusive ChiliBOT to connect with your clients in real time. Our ChiliBOT connects with ChiliData’s database so that it can answer questions about products, stores or help desk tickets.


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